ZIBRO has become QLIMA

The pace of development of our products for home climates regulation is being stepped up  and we are also quickly expanding a range of our products. For this purpose we have chosen for our products a new brand name - QLIMA. Name QLIMA shall from now on reflect our mission.


Already for a long time we are no longer only a narrow specialist in ZIBRO petroleum stoves and appropriate fuel that name ZIBRO  is still very commonly associated with by so many customers throughout the Europe. In last 30 years, we have grown into Europe's largest specialist for your home (Q)climates  control. We want our brand name to state that fact clearly on all European markets and to contribute to our greater recognisability among buyers of such products.

This will enable us to develop further our products and to expand our range of products also  on other segments of managing  of home (Q)climates.

With a new name we also intend to conquer the new world markets, where until now we could not be present due to the trade mark registration rights.

QLIMA will continue, as did ZIBRO in the past, to be a synonym for  Quality, efficiency and usability of our products as our team remains unchanged.

We have changed only the name, the Quality remains.