About company 30 YEARS SPECIALIST FOR YOUR AIR CONDITIONING Zibro directed for 30 years on the air conditioning at home. As specialists, we offer a complete range of products and are constantly working on innovations in the field of technology and design. So we have built up over years of valuable knowledge and a good name, especially by our unconditional decision for sustainable, high quality solutions. Moreover, our products can be easy to use and you choose the brand Zibro for the security of a favorable price-performance ratio, reliable service and a two-year warranty. So we became the European leader in the field of mobile air conditioners and portable heaters. Short and clear: heater. Then you can count past 30 years.   Heaters   Air Conditioners Quick and inexpensive, especially heating, exactly where you want to have comfortable and enjoyable. Therein lies the power of mobile heaters heater. And without installation (costs), because a Zibro device is immediately ready for use. So the ideal way to save energy costs at home, at work, in the attic or in your hobby room. The portable heaters are ideal for use in all residential areas. Some of our models, no power supply is required. This is also the pleasant summer, has Zibro mobile air conditioning units and wall models for you. Now the way is the best season for the installation of a fixed installation air conditioning. Then you can immediately use it as additional heating and in summer you have it nice and cool.                   Humidifiers and dehumidifiers   Čistilci zraka Not just a too high humidity can make for problems in the house, but also too low. Not only for your health, and for the preservation of your valuable possessions. In addition to our dehumidifiers and humidifiers Zibro has to address these problems.   Remove the air cleaner of Zibro e.g. Smoke, pollen, dust and other particles and unpleasant odors from the air. The built-in ionizer provides the natural balance of ions restores and keeps an extra revitalizing effect. POWERCOM d.o.o. The company PowerCom d.o.o. was founded in 1996. The Youth Team of the company will receive the working attitude and curiosity for new solutions.The owners and responsible persons: Gregor Globočnik Uroš GaberCompany address: Kersnikova 6, 1234 Mengeš, SloveniaBusiness information: IBAN: SI56 03104-1000001034SWIFT/BIC: SKBASI2XCompany ID: 5949009VAT ID: SI30082129 Office address: Slovenska c. 24 1234 Mengeš Telefon: +386 1 723 01 62 (We speak English) Telefaks: +386 1 723 01 63 email: info@powercom-si.com Opening hours:from 8am to 3pm