What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in a computer or other mobile devices or handheld PCs (for example smartphones or tablet PCs) when a user is browsing certain websites.Cookies are indispensable for an effective use of our website and allow you to shop online in our shop. They are also used to adapt the range of products and services that are advertised by our clients on this website and elsewhere. The data collected by cookies cannot be used for personal identification, except in special cases, if they are used together with other information connected to cookies about operation as described below.

What is the function of cookies?

Cookies have many responsibilities: for example, they enable efficient web browsing because they store small pieces of data from a website and improve browsing performance. If our website didn’t use cookies, you would be recognized as a new visitor every time you move to a new website; after entering login data and moving to another website you would not be recognized by the next website so you would have to log in again. Among others, cookies can have the following functions:  They store the content of your shopping cart when you go through the procedure at the cashiers’ desk;They store the login data so you can see information on your orders and manage the account;They record which parts of our website you have looked at and how long you were there, which products you have seen and which ones you bought. All these information help us improve our website so it will be easier to use and optimize the services offered to our customers. This way we it is easier for us to determine the recommended products and the range of products on our website.

Are cookies safe?

Yes, cookies are perfectly safe. They do not harm your computer and do not contain information about your identification (identification is only possible if the information are put together with other data as described below for function cookies). Cookies do not contain personal data, for example email address or detailed information on payments. 

What kind of cookies do we use on our website?

  • Cookies you really need;
  • You really need certain cookies that enable you to move around our website and use certain functions, for example that the website remembers the content of your shopping cart or recognizes you when you log in the website.


Cookies gather data of how you use our website, for example which websites you have browsed and if you had any problems. These cookies do not gather data which would enable to recognize the visitor even though they can take the IP address of the device used for connecting to the website. Some of the gathered information can be used together with other data entered at the registration in case you have problems with the website or your order. We need all the gathered information to be able to understand how our visitors use our website and what they are interested in, to measure the effectiveness of our websites and to improve the presentation of their contents. These cookies increase the effectiveness of the website and provide a better user experience.

Look at our cookies about function

Functional cookies

  • Functional cookies are used to store the settings you have chosen on our website, for example preferential language and advertising mode. This allows us to offer you selected services and to make your visit more comfortable.

Targeting and advertising cookies

  • Targeting and advertising cookies are used to determine ads that could be interesting for you, according to what parts of our website you have already seen.

Third-party cookies

  • Some cookies on our website have been set by other organisations that perform various services for us. For example, we have confided the analytical services to specialized external providers that can set the cookies in our name and use them to gather information for reports. We can occasionally include videos or other contents from websites like YouTube and these websites can set their own cookies.